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Shooting Sports

All shooting events are guided & overseen by a qualified instructor


Be taken back into Sherwood Forest and experience the thrills of Robin Hood. Learn a new skill and test your aiming abilities by shooting an arrow from a Recurve bow onto a target between 10 and 40m away! Children will be supplied with a simple bow if they also wish to participate.

Archery has historically been used for hunting. Today the most popular form of archery worldwide involves shooting arrows at a target for accuracy from a set distance. We use Recurve Bows for our Archery Lessons.

Clay target shooting

The Pakamisa Clay Target Parcours consists of 7 stations and 10 clays per station are shot. You are allowed 2 shots per clay to score a point.

Sporting clays bear the closest resemblance to actual field shooting of any shotgun sport. Rather than using standardized distances and targets, sporting clays provide multiple target sizes, angles, speeds, and changes in terrain to add an element of surprise. The courses are designed so that the flight of the target simulates a species of game, such as ducks, pheasants, or rabbits.

A minimum of 2 shooters per group required.
You will be accompanied by a Professional Hunter / Instructor and staff.

Charge per cartridge: R8.00
Charge per clay: R8.00
Use of gun, amenities, instruction, per person: R300.00

Air Rifle Target Shooting

Learn a new skill and test your aiming abilities by shooting a drop down target between 10 and 40m away. Shots are fired from a standing position only. Air rifles are easy to fire, and riflery can be fun and rewarding when you do it right.

Hand Gun Target Shooting

It's true that the handgun is the most difficult of firearms to shoot well. An introduction to pistols & revolvers.

Rifle shooting experience

Can be organized on request.

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