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Guided Activities

Game Drives

Accompanied by an experienced game ranger, guests traverse the vast 2,500 hectare reserve in an open safari vehicle. The knowledgeable guide will explain the fascinating life cycles of insects, plants and trees and the behaviour patterns of mammals, big and small, giving you a chance to experience, first hand, the magic of the African bush. Abundantly stocked with game including Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, a multitude of Antelope, Warthog and Monkeys, there is not always a need for an early wake-up call as the reserve can be explored all day long. Stop at a scenic spot throughout the Reserve on your drives for the ever-popular Sundowners and picnics.

Bush Walks

Rejuvenate your spirit on long walks through the unspoilt bush. Walks range from stalking trips, with camera and binoculars, to a comfortable stroll to a shaded picnic spot, where you will be welcomed by a specially prepared bush meal. Walking the numerous bush trails is the best way to work up a healthy appetite!

There is nothing quite like being on foot: somehow your senses are heightened and you see, hear and smell things that you would miss in a vehicle. Walking is also the best way to appreciate the magical little creatures of the bush – the way termites build their colonies, how dung beetles work, or the finer points of the toothbrush tree.

There are no predators or dangerous animals on Pakamisa, so guests can feel quite safe exploring their own little corner of paradise.


There is nothing more inspiring than waking up to the call of hornbills or the flurry of weaver birds.

To date, over 200 resident species have been counted, with many more occasional visitors and seasonal migrants. From soaring eagles overhead to the vivid sunbirds flitting through the shrubs, the area offers birdwatchers constant excitement.

Pick up a bird book and take a walk with our Bird Specialist Chamu.

Botanical Walks

Take a tour through our Landscaped indigenous garden. Learn to identify some of our indigenous trees & plants found in the reserve, find out about their fascinating health benefits.

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